About us

The Department of Housing and Community Development was established by the Northern Territory Government on 12 September, 2016, from the former Department of Housing and the Department of Local Government and Community Services.

The government formed the department to bring together many of the key functions that provide services in affordable and accessible housing, local government and community development across the Northern Territory (NT).

The key areas of the department are:

  • public housing
  • supported accommodation
  • remote Indigenous housing
  • seniors housing
  • affordable housing
  • home ownership
  • local government
  • interpreting and translating services
  • homelands
  • remote infrastructure and services.

The department has one minister, one CEO and operates in various locations in the NT.

The department is responsible for the administration and management of the following -Legislation:

  • Cemeteries Act
  • Community Housing Providers (National Uniform Legislation) Act
  • Crown Lands Act (section 79)
  • Housing Act
  • Jabiru Town Development Act
  • Local Government Act (except Chapter 8)
  • Local Government Grants Commission Act
  • Local Government (Katherine Rates) Act
  • Northern Territory Rates Act
  • Nudity Act
  • Pounds Act
  • Status of Darwin Act
  • Status of Palmerston Act.

The department also provides initial assistance with the interpretation of legislation relating to these Acts.

Policy helps to guide the department’s decisions to ensure that eligible NT residents have access to affordable and accessible housing appropriate to their needs and have their voice heard through representation at the local level.

In the development of new policy, the department carefully researches its options and considers the views of the public, community leaders, interested groups and the government.

The department works with Australian, state and territory governments, national working groups and peak bodies. 

This ensures Northern Territory housing and local government policy aligns with national policy and initiatives while supporting vulnerable Territorians with the greatest need, as well as strengthening and enhancing their voice locally.

Annual reports

Department of Housing annual report 2015-16 (4.6 mb)
Department of Housing annual report 2014-15 (2.4 mb)
Department of Housing annual report 2013-2014 (3.2 mb)

Department of Local Government and Community Services annual report 2015-16 (1.8 mb)
Department of Local Government and Community Services annual report 2014-15  (4.7 mb)
Department of Community Services annual report 2013-14 (2.1 mb)

To access previous annual reports email media.dhcd@nt.gov.au.

Our Minister

Hon. Gerry McCarthy

Last updated: 11 October 2017