Remote Housing Development Authority

The Remote Housing Development Authority is being established to give Aboriginal people a much greater say on their housing needs and more public investment in communities.

The Northern Territory Government is working towards establishing the authority as an independent, remote community housing provider by 1 July 2017. 

This model will see the Northern Territory Government work with remote communities to get more out of investments in the bush, as well as creating local jobs and businesses.

Partnership model of the authority

The authority will be a partnership between the Northern Territory Government and Aboriginal people living in remote NT. 

It will operate as a not for profit business with an independent board appointed by the minister.

A steering committee has been established to oversee the development of the authority. It comprises chief executives of the Department of Local Government and Community Services (Chair), and the departments of the Chief Minister, Housing, Treasury and Finance, Attorney General and Justice, Business, the PowerWater Corporation, and the Australian Government Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

The steering committee will oversee the following work: 

  • formation of a stakeholder working group that will include representatives from stakeholder groups, service providers and government
  • first round of formal consultation between 1 July to 31 August 2016
  • release of a discussion paper by 1 October 2016
  • second round of formal consultation by the end of November 2016.

An independent consultant will also work closely with the steering committee and stakeholder working group as part of the process of exploring potential authority models, and to ensure that those who will be affected have the opportunity to have their say.

Responsibilities of the authority

The authority will be responsible for developing the following:

  • a sound business model covering all aspects of the business, including governance, administration, finance, legal, HR, policy, processes and procedures, stakeholder engagement, new houses, tenancy management, and repairs and maintenance
  • a place-based approach to supporting Aboriginal housing, including the establishment of local community-based delivery businesses
  • new sub-divisions to support new houses
  • opportunities for local Aboriginal people and businesses in remote communities to deliver as much as possible of the construction, repairs and maintenance and associated services work
  • opportunities for private sector investment, including liaising with funding institutions, such as Indigenous Business Australia and commercial lenders
  • streamlined systems to expedite land leasing arrangements to support new houses
  • a model that includes a number of funding sources including Commonwealth Government, Northern Territory Government and private sector.

Contact details

For more information, contact the department by emailing Peter Holt at or phoning (08) 8999 8498.

Last updated: 15 June 2016