Local Government election roadshows

Interest is growing in communities across the Territory as the clock counts down to the local government elections on 26 August.

Information sessions held around the NT have been well attended by prospective candidates wanting to learn more about the nomination process to represent their community.

Our Local Government staff have been accompanying officers from the NT Electoral Commission and local councils on election roadshows. Regional staff have run community engagement sessions with the Aboriginal Interpreter Service and have taken information to remote communities about the elections, enrolling to vote, the voting process, and how to nominate for office.

Supported by colleagues from Housing Services Delivery, Community Development and the Aboriginal Interpreter Service, Local Government staff will continue to visit communities during July and August to ensure they are well-informed about the election. Nominations close on 3 August and remote mobile voting and early voting commences on 14 August. Further information about the local government elections can be found at the Northern Territory Electoral Commission website.

staff1 election roadshow

staff1 election roadshow
Photos: Staff engage with communities in the Big Rivers region as part of the local government election roadshows