New croc fence protects residents in Guyangara

Living close to dangerous wildlife is a part of life in many NT communities.

For residents of the remote community of Gunyangara, one of these ‘locals’ was getting a little too close for comfort.

Following recent reports that a crocodile had come into residents’ yards and taken a couple of dogs, staff stepped in to help.

According to Jason Randall, Director Arnhem Region, the presence of the croc meant “it was vital that the fences be repaired to ensure tenant safety”.Property contract officer Steve Howe recently completed a fencing repair project at the affected properties, which Jason says “will ensure the croc remains on the beach and doesn’t come into the yards”.

Relieved Gunyangara residents can now feel safer in their back yards thanks to the great work of our staff.

croc tracks

Photo: Crocodile tracks on the beach near community houses in Gunyangara, with a crocodile in the background
resident’s back yard fence
Photo: The view from a resident’s back yard in Gunyangara