Erin MacKinnon

Coordinator, Public Housing Safety, Alice Springs

Erin MacKinnon 

Erin joined the Department of Housing in 2006 on a six week entry-level contract as a record-keeper. Nearly 10 years later, that short-term contract has led to a fulfilling career in which she has tackled many different roles.

Erin was born and bred in Alice Springs. She worked in Queensland for a while, then returned to Alice Springs to a job in retail where she developing her skills in customer service.

Those skills were to be further developed with Housing, as she moved into a longer-term role as a tenancy support officer.

“It was a big adjustment dealing with clients with social problems - you had to pick it up and learn it yourself if you wanted to know,” she said.

After a year, she moved to a role as a Housing allocation officer, interviewing applicants, reviewing the waitlist and delivering pre-release programs for the corrections centre.

Working on the front counter brought her into contact with many different people.

“I really enjoyed meeting people from remote communities every day for their interview.”

Over time, Erin began managing the front counter and interviewing people for priority housing. She extended her experience by working as a tenancy manager for several years, meeting urban tenants, often long-term clients affected by different factors such as a disability.

She enjoyed helping clients find the home that meets their needs and building long-lasting relationships. The job included field work inspecting homes, managing financial difficulties and anti-social behaviour.

“There are lots of opportunities along the way to get a feel for different positions in service delivery.”

Erin enjoys her current job coordinating public housing safety. “I enjoy making sure natural justice is upheld; making sure our customers know why the Department does what it does.”

She recommends the public service in general and Housing in particular as a career choice, as you have stability, good support and lots of long-term employees who are happy to show you what they know.

“You can try different roles, or transfer.”

She says it’s good to work for Housing and good to be involved with the community.

“I have a direct line to the issues that we see affecting people in our community, a direct line to impact on their lives.”

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Last updated: 18 April 2016