Town camp review

The Northern Territory Government has engaged Deloitte to conduct an independent review into the Northern Territory’s 43 town camps.

The review is comprehensive and includes assessing over 700 houses as well as considering:

  • land tenure
  • leasing and legislation
  • municipal 
  • essential infrastructure
  • governance
  • administration
  • service delivery.

The review will also consider potential economic development opportunities for residents in town camps.

The results of the review will allow residents and government to make informed decisions about improving service delivery for town camps.

Residents, service providers and lease-holders have had the opportunity to participate in the review and each town camp has been visited as part of the review.

Local town camp residents have been trained and employed as Aboriginal Community Engagement Specialists (ACEs).  

The engagement of local residents ensures the voices of community members are represented in the review.

The review has been received by the department, and will be reviewed by the stakeholder working group before its recommendations are put to government.

The review is technically complex and is the most comprehensive review of town camps undertaken by government to date. Extensions to date have been necessary to ensure that a comprehensive report will be delivered.

Last updated: 28 November 2017