Frequently Asked Questions


The Department of Housing and Community Development will deliver a $69 million stimulus package by the end of the 2017-18 financial year.

This will provide an economic boost to the construction sector in urban and regional centres in this financial year.


How can I get involved?

Register your interest today via and follow the links to the $69million Stimulus Program.

Please note, if you are already registered through the $5million Urban Stimulus Program, you will not need to register again.

The department is hosting a series of industry briefing sessions.

Who can register?

To successfully register for this program, you must be a registered business within the Northern Territory, and not be a current Northern Territory Government employee.

Once you have registered, the department may invite you to quote for works at any time during the program period. Requests for quote will be based on what works are required, your location and trade qualifications. You will be asked to provide your price for the works and evidence of your capacity and capability to perform the works. The department will assess your quote and you will be notified of the outcome. A successful quote will result in a contract with the department.

The quotation process will be in line with Northern Territory Government Procurement Directions:

Registration does not guarantee that you will be asked to quote for work.

Once I am registered, am I guaranteed the work?

While work is not able to be guaranteed, the department will ensure the work is fairly and evenly distributed across the sector.

Is there a criteria I will have to meet in order to bid for a contract?

You must be a registered business in the Northern Territory.

Contractors should also be mindful of their capacity to complete the work within the designated timeframe when bidding.

I am already registered with the department through the $5million Urban Stimulus Program.  How does this affect me?

This does not affect you, or your work.  The $5million program is continuing, and you can bid for more work under this new program. In fact, you will automatically be registered to do so.

Where is the work being offered?

Work will be available in Darwin, Nhulunbuy, Katherine, Tennant Creek and Alice Springs, as well as some town camps.

What work is available?

Works will include:

  • complex upgrades (lighting, fencing, security, landscaping, roofing, facades, internal work)
  • upgrades and restoration of vacant dwellings
  • urgent infrastructure and housing work in town camps
  • rejuvenation of community halls in Seniors Complexes
  • roofing upgrades
  • preventative maintenance, including pest treatment
  • security upgrades

While this is primarily for urban public housing, there will be some investment in town camps and remote areas and we would encourage contractors from across the Northern Territory to register their interest.

Can I bid for work in another region?

The department will ensure the work is evenly distributed across the sector.

We would recommend you register through the business register on the DHCD website.  This registration process identifies the work your business does.

I am a small business. Is there work for me?

The work is diverse, and a large pool of both large and small contractors will be required to deliver the work by the end of June.  In some cases, it’s expected some work will be subcontracted.

Will it be open tenders?

All contractors will have the opportunity to bid for work through competitive tendering processes, and subcontracting arrangements.

When will work start?

Work will start immediately and is expected to be finalised by the end of this financial year.

Why is it necessary for the work to be completed in such a short time frame?

This work will provide an immediate stimulus into the urban and regional construction industry in a time of economic downturn.

The department is mindful of ensuring the work is widely and fairly distributed across the sector.

When will the industry briefing sessions be held?

Industry briefing sessions were held in Darwin, Katherine, Alice Springs and Tennant Creek in March 2018.

There wasn’t an industry briefing session for Nhulunbuy.  Is work available here?

Work will be available in Nhulunbuy. We would encourage interested businesses to register their details via the DHCD website.

Where can I go for more information?


Alternatively you can contact the department on 8999 8208 or email

Last updated: 10 May 2018