Terms and conditions

Businesses please note: The Department is committed to ensuring that the overall objective, intent and expectations of the Program are met, and for that reason the Terms and Conditions of the Program are subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to check this website frequently for notifications about changes that may have been made to the Terms and Conditions or any other aspect of Program documentation. If you do not agree with any changes, then you may opt out of the Program by providing notice in writing to that effect to the Department.

1. Introduction

The Program is aimed at delivering:

  • work for trade businesses in Darwin and Palmerston region, Nhulunbuy, Katherine, Tennant Creek and Alice Springs
  • assistance to businesses who want to be in the business of delivering better quality housing for Territorians
  • improvements to amenities and structure of public housing

2. General

2.1 Definitions

Department means the Northern Territory Government Department of Housing and Community Development.

Eligible Business is a Territory Enterprise that:

  • is a legal entity (a natural person or an incorporated entity), with or without a registered business name, and
  • holds a valid Australian Business Number that is current as at 7 March 2018, and
  • was providing its services wholly or substantially in the Northern Territory as at 7 March 2018, and
  • has and will maintain during the course of the Program all relevant business, occupation and related permits, licences and insurance coverage required to undertake work in connection with the Program, including valid public liability insurance policy with minimum $10 million cover.

Territory Enterprise is a business that satisfies all of the following:

  • Operating in the Northern Territory — the enterprise is currently engaged in productive activities (ie, production of goods or delivery of services) within the Northern Territory
  • Significant permanent presence — the enterprise maintains an office, manufacturing facilities or other permanent base within the Northern Territory
  • Employing Northern Territory residents — the enterprise employs Territorians. An enterprise which relies exclusively on transient, interstate/international labour or a fly-in fly-out (FIFO) workforce will not satisfy this element.

Labour force means the total of the persons employed or engaged in the business, whether full-time or part-time, and includes principals of the businesses.

Program means the $69 million Stimulus for Public Housing in urban and regional areas.

Property means a residence of any kind and includes an apartment, flat, hostel, townhouse, transportable home, unit or freestanding house (including its yard and garden and fixtures provided for use by the tenant) used by the Department for public housing or to accommodate government employees or for other purposes.

2.2 Program participation

The program is open to eligible businesses. Registrations must be made to the Department and comply with all processes and procedures contained in these Terms and Conditions and that the Department may otherwise set from time to time.

2.3 Limitations of the program

Registering for the program will not be a guarantee for work. Supplier engagement for the works will be managed separately once the registration process is complete. Registered businesses who have successfully registered may be contacted by the Department and invited to quote for works.

2.5 Program changes

The Department reserves the right to:

  • vary these terms and conditions, the eligibility criteria or any other documented rule or procedure relating to the Program at any time
  • accept or reject any registration for participation in the Program
  • remove a Business from the register where the Department has reasonably determined that the Business is no longer an Eligible Business, is in breach of these terms and conditions or is otherwise not complying with the objective, intent or expectation of the Program, or
  • cease the Program at any time should Northern Territory Government policy change.

Last updated: 07 March 2018