Real Housing for growth

The Real Housing for Growth plan provides more housing choices to people living in the Northern Territory (NT). 

It consists of six different initiatives which aim to increase housing supply and ease housing cost pressures to support, attract and retain key workers in the NT.

For renters

There are a number of initiatives open to people renting in the NT.

Head-leasing initiative

This program provides NT Government backed head leases over privately owned dwellings, which are then rented to key service industry workers at 30% below market rates.

Read about renting a head-leased property on affordable rentals: key workers on the Northern Territory Government website.

National Rental Affordability scheme

Provides affordable rentals eligible low income earners at no more than 80% of market rates.

Venture Housing Company

This is the NT's first affordable housing rental company created through the transfer of government assets and funding.

For buyers

The NT Government is encouraging home ownership through initiatives, such as the:

Home Buyers initiative

Provides opportunities for eligible NT residents to purchase their own land at affordable price points.

Home Build Access

Provides low deposit and low interest loans, target at new dwellings, eligible to NT residents.

For developers

Redevelopment of urban public housing and ageing public housing complexes to incorporate affordable home ownership and rental opportunities.

Read construction and management of dwellings.

Last updated: 30 January 2017