Family safe environment fund for councils

The family safe environment fund gives Northern Territory councils financial assistance to address issues around antisocial behaviour and discourage acts of vandalism and graffiti in park lands and open spaces.

The program improves public safety by helping councils:

  • provide a safe environment for park users and nearby residents
  • reduce antisocial behaviour in council parks and open spaces
  • reduce wilful vandalism and graffiti of park infrastructure
  • improve park layouts and infrastructure to increase amenity and safety for park users
  • facilitate increased use of public parks and open spaces by the community.

Who can apply

To apply for a family safe environment grant, you must:

  • be a council incorporated under the Local Government Act
  • have a current business or management plan
  • have acquitted all previous grants and complied with all other accountability requirements of the Department of Local Government and Community Services
  • demonstrate that the grant will not duplicate funding already provided under this or other funding sources for the purpose intended
  • submit your application form with appropriate supporting documentation like quotes, project plans and budgets.

Funding amount

The total funding amount is $250,000 per year, which is divided among successful applicants. Applications open in February each year.

What you can apply for

Grants are likely to be approved for projects including:

  • improved park layout including lines of sight for informal surveillance
  • improved lighting
  • installation of CCTV cameras or other surveillance equipment
  • improving entrances, exits and park signage.

If the proposed project relies on pre-conditions (such as the acquisition of a section 19 lease under the Aboriginal Lands Rights (Northern Territory) Act), the application should not be submitted until there is conclusive evidence that the conditions will not hinder the progress of the project funding being applied for.

What you can't apply for

Grants are generally not approved for any of the following:

  • installation of playground equipment
  • construction of shade structures
  • purchase of park maintenance equipment like lawn mowers and brush cutters.

Before you apply

You are encouraged to discuss your application with your relevant regional office or the grants unit before you apply.

A maximum of one application will be accepted per council, per round.

All applications from councils must exclude any GST component and administration or project management fees from the grant amount requested. These fees are expected to be absorbed by council and can represent an ‘in-kind’ contribution to the application.

How to apply

Follow these steps.

Step 1. Fill in the family safe environment fund application form (45.0 kb).
Step 2. Email your completed form and attachments to the Local Government Grant Unit at by the close of business on the due date.

How your application is assessed

Your application will be assessed by a panel, who will make recommendations to the minister. The minister has the final say on which applications are funded.

Your application will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • community acceptance and benefit of the project
  • alignment to Northern Territory Government policies and council priorities as outlined in strategic and operational plans
  • ability for the project to produce tangible benefits in the area of park safety for users
  • recognition will be given to issues of geographical equity
  • organisational contributions to the project - both cash and in-kind
  • capacity to provide on-going resourcing for project if required, like repairs and maintenance.

Successful applicants will receive a letter of advice from the minister.

Unsuccessful applicants will receive a letter from the department.

If your application is successful

You will receive:

  • a letter from the minister advising that the grant has been approved
  • a letter of offer, acceptance and acquittal form from the Department of Local Government and Community Services.

You will need to do the following to receive your grant funding:

  • make sure you have no outstanding grant acquittals
  • return the signed acceptance form back to the Department with appropriate authorisation
  • expend the entire grant funding within two years of receipt of the funding
  • acquit all, partial or nil expenditure on or before 30 June each year thereafter for a period of two years.

Funds Management

  • All approved projects are required to be procured in accordance with the Local Government Act and the Northern Territory Government “Buy Local” policy if applicable.
  • The purpose for which grant funding is provided cannot be changed following the Minister for Housing and Community Development’s approval, however, minor changes to the purpose of the approved project may be approved by the department on application.
  • Unspent or surplus funds remaining may be required to be returned to the department, such amounts would be considered on a case by case basis.

Contact details

Phone: (08) 8924 3644

Last updated: 11 October 2017