Local authority project funding

The local authority project funding pool supports priority community projects that encourage the continued development of local authorities and their respective communities.

The addition of any new local authorities is not automatic and requires consultation on a case by case basis. All new local authorities require ministerial approval.

The funding aims to:

  • build stronger communities
  • assist community projects as recommended by local authorities
  • help local governing bodies and their communities they present to become stronger and self-sustaining
  • provide quality community infrastructure that facilitates community activity and integration
  • develop local government capacity to provide legitimate representation, effective governance improved service delivery and sustainable development.

The funding commenced in 2014-15 and is re-current. The funding is non-application based and is distributed through a methodology developed by the Northern Territory Grants Commission.

What you can use the funding for

The following are examples of how you can use the funding:

  • repairs and maintenance of community assets controlled or owned by the council
  • acquiring plant and equipment directly related to local government service delivery
  • upgrading or enhancing community sporting facilities.

If the proposed project relies on pre-conditions (such as the acquisition of a section 19 lease under the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act), then the project should not be undertaken until there is conclusive evidence that the condition will not hinder the progress of the project for which funds have been allocated.

What you can't spend funding on

You can't use funding for any of the following:

  • buying vehicles or paying fuel expenses
  • paying salaries or cash prizes
  • purposes that are not of a local government nature that are relevant to another NT Government department.

Administration and/or project management fees are not to be levied on this grant funding.

How grants are paid

Regional councils will receive a letter of offer and acceptance documentation. 

If you receive a letter of offer, you must: 

  • ensure that there are no outstanding grant acquittals relevant to this Department’s local government grants,
  • return the signed acceptance form back to the Department with appropriate authorisation.

These grants are released in September once the signed acceptance is received.

How to acquit your grant

Complete the attached Local Authority Project Funding acquittal form

  • The grant funding must be fully expended within two (2) years of the receipt of funding as a failure to do so may result in the Department requesting the funds to be repaid.
  • Acquit all, partial or nil expenditure of the grant funding on or before 30 June each year for a period of two (2) years.
  • All approved projects are required to be procured in accordance with the Local Government Act and NT Government’s “bought from a Territory enterprise” policy.
  • As part of the acquittal process, photographic evidence of the project/infrastructure must be submitted.
  • Unspent or surplus funds remaining after two (2) consecutive years may be required to be returned to the Department, to be considered on a case by case basis.

The Department reserves the right to request the full value of the grant to be returned if the council disposes of an asset acquired with this funding within four (4) years of the payment of the grant.


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Last updated: 19 September 2018